Get your tickets here!

You can buy your ticket to the IceHouse concert at EventBrite at our 21812 page.

You’ll find a list of package options, show details, and, what should be a very hassle-free way to secure your tickets.

Thanks to Evo Terra and Jeff Moriarty for the assistance in setting this up.
And thanks to Matt Rogers for the screen grab art.


5 thoughts on “Get your tickets here!

  1. Once I know what my finances look like after x-mas, I’ll be ordering a carboniferous package. I’d actually go and take a seat, but flights and lodging to/from Bethelehem may or may not cost about as much as you paid to fulfill the Golden Ticket. $1000+ is too rich for my blood just to go see a concert.

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  3. I’m considering going to the concert; I’m a New Yorker without a car so would take the Trans-Bridge bus to Bethlehem. What’s the easiest way of getting from the bus terminal to the Icehouse?

  4. Etienne- There are two appropriate Bethlehem stops.
    1- Bethlehem, PA, (F) Trans-Bridge Terminal, 2012 Industrial Drive (LVIP)
    2- South Bethlehem Bus Terminal (T), Adams & Mechanic St.

    The first is a very nice Trans-Bridge terminal that is about 10 minutes or so drive from downtown Bethlehem. The second is much closer to the IceHpuse even though it’s on the southside. IF it were June, I’d say you could walk to the show but it February. We have a cab system here that a Manhattanite would scoff at but you could get to the show via cab. Unless you know someone who could pick you up.

    Glad you could make it!

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