Stage model

The Maestro constructed a to-scale model of the entire set for the concert, complete with orchestra members.

We can’t show you the whole thing, obviously, but it’s pretty damn cool.
And slightly trippy.


9 thoughts on “Stage model

  1. Caleb- Oh yes! There will be pictures, courtesy of Mr. Bruce Press, at the very least.
    Liz- He is most definitely not photoshopped. Everyone in the band has a stand-up cutout. The entire model is in the studio. Post-concert, I will certainly miss it.

  2. I know, I’m kidding, but you guys aren’t tricking us into flying up to PA to listen to a recording while watching cut outs on the stage, are ya? 🙂

    Donna, I also was wondering if others would benefit from an email response he gave me about 21812 eats… I’ve looked at the Tapas on Main’s menu and it looks really tasty. My husband and I are planning to eat there most likely Friday night before the show.

    My Question: So, for those of us planning to come to 21812 – do you have any local restaurant recommendations? I’d also love to know if Donna thinks any of said restaurants have a decent wine list.

    What other sites/activities would you recommend for us to see/do? We’ll only be there from Friday-Sunday, but we want to make sure we have the closest thing to an authentic Geo experience while we’re there.

    Geo’s Reply: You need to hit Tapas on Main, Starfish, as well as The Apollo.

    Both are fabulous local favorites, and are right by the hotel.

    As to other activities, I’ll need to get back to ya. Let me come up with some stuff! Here’s a great site though-

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