Saturday afternoon at the Lair

Many of you might arrive in town Saturday and have the afternoon free to roam around and enjoy our fair city. Downtown Bethlehem has such a great neighborhood vibe, especially on the weekend. If the weather is as lovely as is predicted, you might want to grab a cup of coffee from Johnny’s Bagels or Wired Cafe and just hang out on a bench. This activity is definitely something you would have figured out for yourself.

But here’s something you might not know. It’s kind of one of Bethlehem’s best kept secrets: The Underground Lair. It’s only steps from my studio and it’s run by two of the coolest people: Dan and Khrys. It’s a vintage toy and gaming collectibles store. And it’s fantastic! Dan has over 40 years of collectibles knowledge, specializes in childhood toys, comics, science fiction, and games, and is a superb conversationalist.

The Underground Lair is within walking distance of the Hotel. It’s between Guetter and Main Streets in the tunnel breezeway that connects the Sun Inn Courtyard with Guetter Street. They’re open Wednesday through Friday 6:30 to 9:30 in the evening. This Saturday, the store will be open in the afternoon from noon until 5.

Give them a call if you can’t find them. Tell Dan that Geo and Donna sent you.

Phone 610-419-4147


2 thoughts on “Saturday afternoon at the Lair

  1. Had breakfast at Johnny’s Bagels on Saturday. Exceptionally yummy!

    Saw The Bad Astronomer come in while I was eating. (No “yummy” comment there. Sorry Phil. 🙂 )

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