Many of you have inquired about restaurants in Bethlehem. During episode 250 of the Geologic Podcast, the Maestro talked about the following three favorites of ours:

Starfish 610-332-8888
Apollo Grill 610-865-9600
Tapas on Main 610-868-8903

All are within easy walking distance of the Hotel Bethlehem., Tapas is right across the street from the hotel. Starfish and Apollo are a city block away. All will probably be busy the weekend of the show. Please bear in mind that people might be celebrating Valentine’s Day that weekend and it’s also Presidents’ Day on Monday. Therefore, you might want to call for reservations, possibly before you’re in Bethlehem.

Downtown Bethlehem is one of the favorite restaurant spots in the Lehigh Valley. Bethlehem’s SouthSide is also creating a great dining reputation as well. These resources might be very helpful during your stay.

Laini’s Little Pocket Guide
Our friend Lain runs this award-winning site. You might be interested in reading her thoughts and recommendations on Bethlehem for your stay. But you might also be interested because she provides a great resource and a wonderful perspective on our fair city.

Explore Bethlehem PA
The City’s site is full of great information. However, the Dining and Nightlife page which gives you the Dining page is not the most up-to-date. And I noticed that a few bits of information are incorrect. I mention this in case you had already found this site before reading this.

The El Vee
This is the Lehigh Valley’s most widely read and respected food-and-beverage critic. I don’t always agree with El Vee on some minor points, but I respect this critic’s views and sophisticated and fair approach. Good eats, good drinks, honest reviews.

My gift to you: a list of restaurants
I used the City’s dining page as a base and I deleted everything that was irrelevant or incorrect. Then, I added many places that weren’t on the list, many of them are favorites. Further, I made notes on some of the restaurants, many of which I know quite well. I also included their websites if they have one, and an idea of distance: walking or brief car ride. I included everything from the top-shelf to the take-out. Here is the downloadable 2-page PDF.

Mangia, bella!


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